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What is REVCO?

REVCO is a gospel-centered, Spirit empowered coalition that is unifying artists, churches, organizations, patrons, and public to encounter God through the art of worship.  


From our devotion to its conception, curation, and conservation,

God cultivates creative potential, moves the Church to action, and redeems cultures for future generations; 

to his glory and our good.  


REVCO develops art concepts of unique spiritual introspection.

Through the creative juxtaposition and intersection of images and ideas framed within the canons of scripture and art history, we dare to question assumptions and listen for responses from both God and man, as we speak to defining kingdom moments in the life of a church, community and culture.   It is from this place and for this purpose, that original art works are created, commissioned, rented, received on-loan, or placed on view from our permanent collection.   


REVCO curates sacred spaces of profound spiritual influence.  Typically, these are local expressions we call Spirit House galleries.  An Artist's Call is made prior to the creation of a Spirit House gallery in order to allow for adequate exploration of concepts expressed and cohesion of work exhibited by the Curate and their Council. Participants experience an encounter with God because of their interaction with these objects and artifacts of worship.  Through constructive dialogue with and discernment of the Spirit's movement, defining kingdom moments in the life of an individual or community are shared, and new acts of faith pursued.    


REVCO conserves the art of worship through archival best practices, and the rental, sales, and purchase of work determined to be of significant spiritual importance.  This includes acquiring specific works for REVCO's permanent collection, as well as posting images of works on all social media platforms for future reference and viewing.  

For REVCO, "seeing is believing," because God has used the art of worship, to change us and for this reason we desire that others might share in this same experience also.  If this is you, or someone you know, let us know.


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